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TMOSCS | EP. 001 | How to Teach Online Courses

The Mastering Online Sales Channels Show | EP. 001 | How to Teach Online Courses

Do you want to start an online business, but not sure where to start? Find the business model that fits you. Welcome to The Mastering Online Sales Channels Show with Jason Gandy. Each episode you will learn how to open up a new stream of income by leveraging the power of online sales channels.

In this episode, we will learn how to open a new stream of income by teaching online training courses. We talk about how the education system is broken, why to escape your 9-5 job, and how to develop a morning routine.

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Episode Transcript:

Jason’s Opening Rant: [0:03]

As everyone already knows or suspects, our education system is broken.

We are sending our youth to outrageously expensive colleges & universities  to get degree in worthless fields of study, and forcing them into massive debt to learn skills that will be useless for the job market of tomorrow.

They are taught to follow rules, not to question authority or think for themselves, and depend more and more on our government system.  To put it plainly, they are being taught how to be good indentured servants. So what is an indentured servant? An indentured servant is a person forced to work and labor for someone else, in exchange for the basic necessities needed to survive.

No matter how hard or how many hours you work, you leave each day with only your master’s scraps.

Our education system teaches only one thing, how to be a good employee and get a job. Instead of learning how to monetize and navigate this new internet age we have just entered, students are being taught the mundane skills to get and simply sustain a 9-5 job. The 9-5 job is a dying practice.It is simply a productivity strategy from the industrial age for large factories. People are slowly starting to move away from depending on employment for a living, and using this transition into the internet & technology age to build a lifestyle around their talents and passions.

The 9-5  job, and the middle class for that matter, we’re created by the auto industry. All Ford needed was a functioning body to work their specific duty on the assembly line from 9-5 each monday through friday to keep cranking out those cars. You follow the rules, and do the same repetitive task for 40 years or more, which means you spend the best years of your life building someone else’s dream, only to be allowed a break to enjoy life after you have gotten too old, sick or disabled to do the things you’ve always wanted to do

The same is true today. You must get out of the job mentality. At a job, you don’t have freedom. You can’t say what you really want. You are forced to become someone else each day from fear of disciplinary action from your master for saying the wrong thing or acting the wrong way. You have to pretend to be someone else for half your life, while sitting in a cubicle, doing things you don’t want to do with people you may not even get along with.  At a job, you have a set pay or salary, that MIGHT get raised 4-5% after years of hard labor and hours of time dedicated to building someone else’s dream…

For the young people out there, you might get a job for maybe 3 or 5 years for training and to earn a living while you build your own business during the free time you’re allowed to have. Running your own business is the only way to get paid what your time is truly worth. If you start and build your own business, the potential to scale is unlimited.

You no longer have to depend on the table scraps handed down to you from your master, or boss. You have the time and the freedom to innovate, create, learn, experiment,  build and spend your time working on the things you know your were meant to do. You must get your time back. Time is the most important commodity that has been given to you on this earth, so you have to take every step necessary to get your time back so you can become the person you were meant to be.

Go out and start creating value for others.

The more people you help, the wealthier you will become monetarily, mentally and spiritually. This is Jason Gandy, and welcome to the Mastering Online Sales Channels Show.

Online Business Model of The Week: How to Teach Online: [4:00]

So now let’s dive into our online business model of the week.

This episode, I want to talk about how to create an income stream by teaching online training courses.

I think online learning is the education system of the future, and I also believe everyone has something to teach. Even when I’m out in public, I’ve noticed that everyone I speak with has an interesting story or talent special to them, and it’s likely there are many others who are interested in their talents as well.

Unless you have simply been sitting on the couch and playing video games all your life, you have likely learned something that you can teach others. And even if all you like to do is play video games all day, you could still make money with an online sales channels such as twitch, and teach others how to do it as well . The future will be a world of individuals teaching individuals, with continuous learning from various sources and perspectives.

So that being said, in order to create a profitable online course, you should brainstorm a list of topics that you have adequate knowledge or experience with. This can range from your hobbies, passions or your job experience. After you create your list, you then want to see which topics on your list have enough demand to be profitable and in fact worth the time of creating the course

There are many ways to research demand for a particular topic. You could use tools such as Google Keyword planner or Google trends to help discover customer demand. Also, the online platform Udemy, just introduced a new feature called Udemy insights. If you sign up for Udemy, you will have access to Insights, which will provide you with data on various course topics, such as the student demand and average monthly income for courses on that subject.

Once you select your topic, you then want to decide the format of your course. Will it be a short introductory course with a plan to release a series of shorter courses on the topic? Or will you create an all inclusive masterclass that covers everything from A to Z. Both strategies can be highly profitable depending on your marketing strategies.

You can typically charge more for the masterclass, but it will take many times longer to create. After you decide your course strategy, you then want to create your course structure. You want to start by deciding the modules you wish to include in the course, then fill in those modules with the individual lectures you wish to include.

Once you have your course format mapped out, you want to think about how you want to present the lectures to the students. This can be talking head, with you in front of the camera talking directly to the students, Screen share presentations where you simply share your screen or powerpoint slides with students while you narrate the information on the slides, or a hybrid of both with talking head and slides. Talking heads are more difficult to record before you have the proper lighting and audio equipment setup. You may need to purchase some studio equipment to ensure your course is of highest quality.

The number one thing you need is clear audio. People tend to forgive less than perfect video, but your audio must be immaculate. Two of the most popular microphones for course creators are the blue snowball and blue yeti. They both provide excellent sound quality for a really affordable price.

So depending on your recording style, it could take anywhere from two weeks to two months to create your course

This is definitely not a get rich quick scheme, but if you make a quality course and provide a ton of value to your audience, it can generate residual income for years to come

Once your course videos are recorded, you now need a sales channel in order to upload the videos and monetize the course

There are many options for this available online today. First you need to decide whether you want to host the course on your own platform, or leveraging an existing online course sales channel such as Skillshare or Udemy.

If you decide to use your own platform, you have options such as thinkific or teachable, which will each host your course videos and allow you to customize your platform anyway you please

This is an excellent option, but the downside is that you would have to generate your own traffic. But if you decide to go with an online marketplace such as Skillshare or Udemy, you can simply upload your videos, and the customers already on the course platform can find your course.

You can get tons of traffic organically from the platform marketplace, social medial channels, and google. If you take the time to do your own promotions and create more courses, you could really turn this into a profitable sales channel that can generate residual income for as long as that topic is relevant


Question of the Week: [8:45]

Now for the Question of the week.

The Question of the Week is from Kelly in my Private Label Amazon FBA Masterclass, and she has a question regarding printing UPC codes and SKU’s on her Amazon FBA inventory packaging. She asks:


I’m confused.  If I purchased UPC codes already, why do I need an SKU too?  
How would I determine my SKU early enough to have the supplier print it on the box/packaging?
Can I print both the UPC and the SKU on the packaging?
What are the pros and cons of doing so?  Please advise.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Kelly,

So this is a Great question Kelly and I’m glad you asked!

Barcodes and SKUs can definitely get confusing. You need the UPC code to generate the Amazon SKU.

The SKU is used to track your product at the Amazon FBA warehouse (not the UPC). In order to get the SKU to send to your supplier, just setup your Amazon account and add your product to Amazon. Your product does not have to be at Amazon for you to add your product details and start setting up the listing.

Use your UPC code to generate an Amazon SKU for your product, and then send it to your supplier to add to the packaging before manufacturing the product.  Do not print both the UPC and SKU on the packaging, only the SKU. Amazon wants just the SKU on the packaging for easier tracking at the warehouse. and to prevent scanning wrong barcodes. Thanks for your question kelly!

And you other listeners, don’t forget to ask your question of the week over at, or if you’re enrolled in one of my courses, you ask your question in the Q&A board of the course.


Jason’s Hustle Tip of The Week:  [10:40]

Now it’s time for Jason’s hustle tip of the week.

This week I want to talk about coming up with a morning routine.

I recently spoke with a few of the different entrepreneurs that work full time from home, and we discussed how to develop the best morning routine. Everyone is different, so you have to develop a custom routine that it personalized to you

You have to have self awareness to know how you mind and body functions

For me, it takes about 3 hours after I wake up before I reach my maximum productivity level

Knowing this, I always plan to wake up around 7am, so I can be fully energized and start working by 10am

During the 3 hours before I lock myself in my office, I have developed a morning routine that helps to wake me up and get motivated for the work of the day. When I first wake up, I always start with 15-20 Minutes of meditation.

I think it’s highly important to clear your mind and harness your chi energy to provide you with the energy you need to tackle the tasks of day. After meditation, I usually get up, shower and brush my teeth, and then grab a light breakfast and most importantly, a large cup of coffee

I’m definitely a caffeine dependent life form, and 2-3 cups of coffee is required each day. I will then do a 30min workout, whether it’s running on the treadmill or doing some light martial arts training, to get my blood flowing and my body active. While working out, I always have my headphones on playing a podcast episode from one of my favorite podcasters.

After my morning workout, I then sit down, get a pen and pad, and write out the tasks I want to accomplish for the day

The biggest task, or the task I feel is most important,, is always first on the list. If I don’t finish anything else during the day, I will feel satisfied having completed the major task of the day. My routine will likely change as time passes, and as I figure out ways to better optimize my day. So what is your daily morning routine?

Head over to The Mastering Online Sales Channel Show  Facebook group and let us know . Well that’s it for this episode of the Mastering Online Sales Channel Show. You’ll find all the links mentioned in this episode’s show notes over at This is Jason Gandy, and I’ll See you next time.

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